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InGenius Software Announces InGenius Connector Enterprise for Salesforce.com Open CTI

September 18, 2012 at Dreamforce, InGenius Software announced their new Enterprise CTI solution, InGenius Connector Enterprise for Salesforce. InGenius Connector Enterprise for Salesforce is the first click-to-dial software solution for Salesforce.com built using the new Salesforce.com Open CTI interface. With no desktop install, InGenius Connector Enterprise for Salesforce, streamlines call dialing and inbound/outbound logging activities for an entire organization. InGenius Connector Enterprise for Salesforce, will be available directly from InGenius Software at http://www.InGenius.com or by calling 613-591-9002 x3000.

InGenius Connector for Salesforce is fully integrated with Salesforce.com to enable several features including incoming call screen pop, click-to-dial, and automatic call logging all from within the Salesforce.com user interface. Additionally, InGenius Connector Enterprise provides automatic field population and configurable templates for fast, accurate logging of all calls against Salesforce.com records. Since InGenius Connector Enterprise for Salesforce utilizes the new Salesforce Open CTI, it requires no desktop install and can be used on both PC (Windows) and Mac (OS X) and accessed from any browser (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer).

InGenius Connector for Salesforce, is installed on premises at a customer site and connects directly with the customer’s resident telephony system. InGenius Connector Enterprise interoperates directly with the telephony system and does not require any additional hardware or software products to be purchased or installed. Initially being released for Cisco’s Call Manager, InGenius Connector Enterprise for Salesforce works with several telephony platforms including Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE), Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) and Avaya.

Rich Loen, InGenius Software’s CTO says, “InGenius Connector Enterprise makes it very easy for an organization to add click-to-dial and logging functionality for all its Salesforce.com users. The server based install is very quick and eliminates the time and effort associated with visiting every desktop during deployment. This makes enterprise wide roll-out for different platforms very efficient.”

Check out the press release here: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2012/9/prweb9901527.htm


Salesforce Call Center tips: Display Call Duration in Minutes

In this post we showed you how to add Call Duration to a Salesforce Activity page.  Unfortunately, the only existing field available for you to add and display on your Activity page gives you call duration in seconds.  That might work just fine for you and your organization, but some of our users wanted to display call duration in minutes.  Here’s how to do it.

As the Salesforce Administrator, navigate to Setup-> Customize-> Activities -> Add Custom Fields.

Select New:

Select Formula for your data type and then click Next:

Enter in the name you would like to give the field (Sarah used “Call Duration(Min)” here.  Then select Text and then Next:

Click Advanced Formula and then copy and paste the text below this image into the highlighted space shown below.  Once you’ve pasted it, click Next:

IF((MOD(CallDurationInSeconds/60,1)*60) > 10,

TEXT(FLOOR(CallDurationInSeconds/60)) + “:” + TEXT(FLOOR(MOD(CallDurationInSeconds/60,1)*60) ),
TEXT(FLOOR(CallDurationInSeconds/60)) + “:0” + TEXT(FLOOR(MOD(CallDurationInSeconds/60,1)*60) ))

Select the profiles you wish to be able to see this field.  Finally, click Save.

Navigate to a task and you should now see “Call Duration (Min)” displayed on that task page.  Cool!

In the image above, you can now see that we’ve got two Call Duration Fields;  one displays duration in seconds (we showed you how to display in this post) and one outlined in red that displays call duration in minutes (this is the custom field we just created).

If you’d also like to see this field on your Contacts’ Activity History page, then you’ll need to customize the Contact Page Layout.  Stay tuned for more!

InGenius Software Webinar Series

We will be starting our InGenius Connector CRM Webinar series this week on Friday May 11  at 11am EST!  Anyone who wants to see our software in action can sign up here: http://go.ingenius.com/webinars.

The first webinar will show you InGenius Connector for Salesforce.  Our Product Marketing Specialist and Salesforce wiz, Sarah, will show you how the application makes the job of sales agents and managers easier.

Check back in to our InGenius Connector CRM Webinar series regularly!

Salesforce Call Center Tips: Add Call Duration to your Activity Page

One of our users asked how to add the call duration field onto their activities page.  We thought it could be helpful for others too.

To add the call duration field onto your Activities pages, you’ll need to log into Salesforce as a Salesforce Administrator.

Navigate to YourName-> Setup-> Customize-> Activities.

Select Task Page Layouts and then look for “Call Duration” at the top of the Task Page Layouts screen.  You can then drag “Call Duration” down to an open spot on the Task Page, and shuffle things around until you get a layout you like.  Make sure you press Save at the top of the “Console Interation” space.

Navigate to a lead or contact page where you already have call activities, or create a new call activity by making a test call.  Open up the Task page, and look to find your “Call Duration” field

You should now see a Call Duration field on your Task page!  The Call Duration will be populated by seconds.

You can use these steps to add any available fields onto to the Task page.  To check what fields you have available, navigate to YourName-> Setup-> Customize -> Activities-> Task Field. You can add any of these fields into your Task page.  If there are additional fields you need on your Task page, check out how to create Customized Fields in Salesforce.com

Have a good Monday everyone!

InGenius Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM – in Houston!

It’s trade show season and starting this weekend, the InGenius Team is off and running.  First up is Convergence 2012, the Microsoft show that starts this weekend in Houston.  InGenius will be at booth 2416 to show off our updates to the InGenius Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM plugin.  In case you aren’t going to make it to Houston, or if you want a sneak peak, here’s what we’ll have in store:

Updates to InGenius Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM have made it a very easy install.  All that is required is some phone profile information depending on the type of phone or server you are connecting to, and your Microsoft Dynamics CRM credentials.

All of the telephony control features that make your CRM so much more usable are available in InGenius Connector Microsft Dynamics CRM plugin.  There’s click to dial on all stored numbers in your MSCRM leads and contacts:

Record pops on an incoming call …

Call control and note taking space for inbound and outbound calls …

… And automatic logging in the contact record history, and in the reports!

We’re really pleased with the updates to InGenius Connector for MSCRM and thrilled to be showing at Dynamics 2012.  If you aren’t in Houston for the show, stop by our website for more information or get in touch for a free trial!