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Displaying Web Site Status on a Geckoboard

Our company uses to display the status of a ton of related information, as well as info we pull from,, and

Geckoboard is a website monitoring company that allows us to monitor all our online properties, and alerts us if there are any issues. has an API that we can query to determine the status of each of our monitors.

We wrote a small PHP script which is polled by every 3 minutes, and checks the status of all our online properties. The returns a simple XML file, which is then displayed by in a text window.

We are able to use simple HTML like <table> and <font> to make the text display green for sites that are up, and red for any sites that are down.

The widget isn’t very pretty, but it packs a ton of information into a small space, and we can easily see any sites that are red. (Sorry, I had to blank out some of the text…)

Binary Canary

Binary Canary Widget

Here’s the PHP file we use to generate the XML for this widget.

And, the Geckoboard Widget settings are:

Geckoboard Text Widget Properties

Geckoboard Text Widget Properties


Adding a phone number field to Opportunities

We recently had an InGenius Connector Enterprise customer who wanted to have clickable phone numbers associated with each opportunity.  By default, opportunities don’t have any phone number fields.

The customer’s workflow was that they wanted their workers to go through the opportunities, and call each one every few days, until the sales was closed.

The Solution:

We advised the customer to add a field to the opportunity of type “Phone.”  We called this field “Account Phone.” Since this field is of type “Phone,” it will automatically be converted to a “click-to-dial” field by InGenius Connector Enterprise.

We then added a trigger to the Account that detects any changes, and then loops through all the opportunities associated with this account, and updates the “Account Phone” field in all the opportunities.

This way, the opportunities all have a clickable phone number field that stays in sync with the phone number field in the Account.

The Trigger Apex Code:

trigger UpdateOpportunityPhoneField on Account (after insert, after update) {
  // Loop through all account updates in this trigger (there will generally be one)
  for(Account acct: {
    List<Opportunity> oppList = [SELECT id, Account_Phone__c FROM Opportunity WHERE Accountid = AND Account_Phone__c != :acct.Phone]; // Find all the opportunities for this account.
    for(integer i = 0 ; i < oppList.size(); i++){
      oppList[i].Account_Phone__c = acct.Phone; // Update all opportunities with the new phone number.
    update oppList;

Things to be aware of:

  • The solution uses some Apex code to accomplish its magic. You’ll need an appropriate subscription to use this solution.
  • The code loops through all the Opportunities each time an Account is changed. This could use up your Apex allowance.
  • If the user edits the Account Phone field in the Opportunity, this is not copied back up to the Account. You could add a second trigger for this, if needed. If the user edits the Account Phone field, the changes will be wiped out the next time the Account is edited. Another alternative is to make the Account Phone field read-only in the Opportunity Layout.

InGenius Connector for Salesforce: How to stop those annoying Internet Explorer pop-up messages

Are you getting annoying pop up messages in Internet Explorer when you use Salesforce?  Does Internet Explorer ask you if you want the best website builder?  That’s a whole lot of extra clicking!  If you would like to avoid this pop up, you can make a change in Internet Explorer’s Internet Options.

For this change, we’ll be changing the Internet Explorer security settings to Enable the display of Mixed Content on the page.  You may want to check in with your network administrator before you make this change.

To edit the Internet Explorer security settings:

1) Open Internet Options in your Internet Explorer browser.  You can do this from the icon in the top right (shown below).

2) Select the Security tab at the top of the window.

3) Select Internet (we’ll also have to do this for each of the four ‘zones’ displayed), click the Custom level.. button.

4) Scroll about halfway down the list until you see the Display mixed content setting.

5) Change to Enable.  This should fix the problem – however, you can also continue on to edit the same settings for Local intranet, Trusted sites, and Restricted sites, if you want to really make sure it doesn’t happen anymore.

The image below will help you find the locations I mean:

(Click the image to enlarge)

InGenius Connector version 3.2: New Release Announcement

I mentioned in a previous post that we’d released a new version of InGenius Connector for Salesforce on Cisco platforms.  In the meantime, we’ve also released InGenius Connector for Microsoft Dyanmics CRM on Cisco platforms, and now our newest version is available across all of our phone platforms and CRMs.

Among other things, our new version of InGenius Connector includes:

We think you’ll love the new features.  Take a look and test it out with a free trial!


Salesforce Call Center tips: Display Call Duration in Minutes

In this post we showed you how to add Call Duration to a Salesforce Activity page.  Unfortunately, the only existing field available for you to add and display on your Activity page gives you call duration in seconds.  That might work just fine for you and your organization, but some of our users wanted to display call duration in minutes.  Here’s how to do it.

As the Salesforce Administrator, navigate to Setup-> Customize-> Activities -> Add Custom Fields.

Select New:

Select Formula for your data type and then click Next:

Enter in the name you would like to give the field (Sarah used “Call Duration(Min)” here.  Then select Text and then Next:

Click Advanced Formula and then copy and paste the text below this image into the highlighted space shown below.  Once you’ve pasted it, click Next:

IF((MOD(CallDurationInSeconds/60,1)*60) > 10,

TEXT(FLOOR(CallDurationInSeconds/60)) + “:” + TEXT(FLOOR(MOD(CallDurationInSeconds/60,1)*60) ),
TEXT(FLOOR(CallDurationInSeconds/60)) + “:0” + TEXT(FLOOR(MOD(CallDurationInSeconds/60,1)*60) ))

Select the profiles you wish to be able to see this field.  Finally, click Save.

Navigate to a task and you should now see “Call Duration (Min)” displayed on that task page.  Cool!

In the image above, you can now see that we’ve got two Call Duration Fields;  one displays duration in seconds (we showed you how to display in this post) and one outlined in red that displays call duration in minutes (this is the custom field we just created).

If you’d also like to see this field on your Contacts’ Activity History page, then you’ll need to customize the Contact Page Layout.  Stay tuned for more!

InGenius Software Webinar Series

We will be starting our InGenius Connector CRM Webinar series this week on Friday May 11  at 11am EST!  Anyone who wants to see our software in action can sign up here:

The first webinar will show you InGenius Connector for Salesforce.  Our Product Marketing Specialist and Salesforce wiz, Sarah, will show you how the application makes the job of sales agents and managers easier.

Check back in to our InGenius Connector CRM Webinar series regularly!

InGenius Connector for Salesforce Call Center CTI and Cisco – in Firefox and Chrome!

We’ve released support for our InGenius Connector Salesforce plugin on Cisco platforms, and we couldn’t be more pleased about it!  This solution is exciting for two reasons,

1) It supports Cisco Call Manager and,

2) It makes use of Salesforce call center version 4.

What does that mean?  The InGenius Connector for Salesforce and Cisco works in Firefox and Chrome in addition to Internet Explorer!

We know how happy this will make all you Firefox and Chrome users, and we want to let you know that multi-browser support for InGenius Connector and Salesforce on our other platforms (such as Broadsoft, Mitel, Polycom, Aastra, Asterisk and softphone) is also coming very soon.

To try out InGenius Connector for Salesforce and Cisco Call Manager, visit our website and download a free trial.