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InGenius Connector How-to: setup Windows telephony location and dialing rules

InGenius Connector can create and manage it’s own dialing rules, but it also relies on the Windows Telephony Location rules to tell it how to dial.  You can set these rules up in “Phones and Modems” on your Windows Control Panel, or directly from a link in InGenius Connector’s configuration window.

If you do not see the checkbox beside “Use Windows Telephony Location” where the arrow points in the image above, that means you are not an administrator on your computer and this option is already automatically checked off for you.  Click on the “Edit” button encircled (ensquared?) in red above.

Clicking the “Edit” button will take you to the “Phone and Modem” dialogue box on the left.  If you do not see an area code and location that matches your current location, click “New” to set it up.  If it’s there, or once you’ve created your location, click “Edit.”  This will bring you to the window on the right of the image above.  Double check your settings, and make sure that all of the right numbers are in the yellow highlighted box.  For example, I have “9”s there to access a line outside of my office network.  You probably also want to make sure that “Tone” dialing is selected.  Finally, click the “Area Code Rules” tab at the top of this window.

Clicking on the “Area Code Rules” tab at the top the of the “Edit Location” screen on the left of the image above will let you define rules for a specific area code.  For example, if you want to make sure that your local area code is always dialed, you would select/create the area code from the window on the left, and then click “Edit.”  This will open the Edit Area Code Rule window on the right of the image above.  Make sure these settings are to your liking, and then click “OK” on all of the windows you’ve opened.

As a final test, you can open up the InGenius Connector settings window and navigate to the “Dialing Rules – Advanced” screen, as shown above.  Type in the number you want to dial in the highlighted field above, and make sure the number that appears in the “Dialed number:” box is what you want to see.

If you are located outside North America and need to use our country-specific dialing rules, this screen is also where you have the option to select different dialing rules, or to import new dialing rules.

Finally, if your dialing rules queries are still unanswered, or if you want to know even more, you can read about Advanced Dialing Rules on our Knowledge Base:    Warning:  Advanced dialing rules look scary.