Displaying BinaryCanary.com Web Site Status on a Geckoboard

Our company uses Geckoboard.com to display the status of a ton of Salesforce.com related information, as well as info we pull from Trello.com, Fogbugz.com, and BinaryCanary.com.


BinaryCanary.com is a website monitoring company that allows us to monitor all our online properties, and alerts us if there are any issues. BinaryCanary.com has an API that we can query to determine the status of each of our monitors.

We wrote a small PHP script which is polled by Geckoboard.com every 3 minutes, and checks the status of all our online properties. The returns a simple XML file, which is then displayed by Geckoboard.com in a text window.

We are able to use simple HTML like <table> and <font> to make the text display green for sites that are up, and red for any sites that are down.

The widget isn’t very pretty, but it packs a ton of information into a small space, and we can easily see any sites that are red. (Sorry, I had to blank out some of the text…)

Binary Canary

Binary Canary Widget

Here’s the PHP file we use to generate the XML for this widget.

And, the Geckoboard Widget settings are:

Geckoboard Text Widget Properties

Geckoboard Text Widget Properties


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