InGenius Connector for Salesforce: How to stop those annoying Internet Explorer pop-up messages

Are you getting annoying pop up messages in Internet Explorer when you use Salesforce?  Does Internet Explorer ask you if you want the best website builder?  That’s a whole lot of extra clicking!  If you would like to avoid this pop up, you can make a change in Internet Explorer’s Internet Options.

For this change, we’ll be changing the Internet Explorer security settings to Enable the display of Mixed Content on the page.  You may want to check in with your network administrator before you make this change.

To edit the Internet Explorer security settings:

1) Open Internet Options in your Internet Explorer browser.  You can do this from the icon in the top right (shown below).

2) Select the Security tab at the top of the window.

3) Select Internet (we’ll also have to do this for each of the four ‘zones’ displayed), click the Custom level.. button.

4) Scroll about halfway down the list until you see the Display mixed content setting.

5) Change to Enable.  This should fix the problem – however, you can also continue on to edit the same settings for Local intranet, Trusted sites, and Restricted sites, if you want to really make sure it doesn’t happen anymore.

The image below will help you find the locations I mean:

(Click the image to enlarge)


2 responses to “InGenius Connector for Salesforce: How to stop those annoying Internet Explorer pop-up messages”

  1. Richard says :

    Call center owner with 30 years call center experience my Name is Richard owner of
    I never post about things like this…until now.
    InGenius is by far the best company with integration for CRM software today. so smooth so fast great price. What I really liked about these guys …is after they sell you the products its over…they don’t try and sell you phone minutes with 1980’s pricing like so many others. No minutes to buy!!!
    I like how I click it dials NOW…not I click then my phone rings and then I pick up then it connects.
    Oh and the pricing….i send you 1000 free ball point pens with your company info printed on them if you find anyone that can touch thier price.
    And these ppl get back to you THE SAME DAY!!!!! often within the HOUR!!!
    Jeff Night You rock keep up the great work!!

    I’m hoping they come up with a record on demand feature for recording conversions for customer service…hint hint…lol

    Richard Salvador
    Owner of

  2. Andy Harrison says :

    By allowing mixed content on a page, what new security risk have I introduced?

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