Receive desktop notifications for voicemail with InGenius Connector Softphone

To make sure that you always see your softphone voicemail notifications, navigate to the Advanced settings in your softphone profile:

Click on the General Settings tab in the Advanced Softphone Configuration Window:

Once you fill in the required information, you’ll be able to access your voicemails from the desktop!  Sometimes Windows hides these notifications in the systray.  To make sure that you always see your InGenius Connector notifications, you can do the following:

Click on the little upward facing arrow in the Windows system tray and select Customize…

From here you can select which icons you want to always see in the systray.  If you ‘show icon and notifications’ for InGenius Connector, you will always see whether or not you have voicemails waiting for you:

Let us know if this was helpful, or if you have other questions!


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