Salesforce Call Center Tips: Add Call Duration to your Activity Page

One of our users asked how to add the call duration field onto their activities page.  We thought it could be helpful for others too.

To add the call duration field onto your Activities pages, you’ll need to log into Salesforce as a Salesforce Administrator.

Navigate to YourName-> Setup-> Customize-> Activities.

Select Task Page Layouts and then look for “Call Duration” at the top of the Task Page Layouts screen.  You can then drag “Call Duration” down to an open spot on the Task Page, and shuffle things around until you get a layout you like.  Make sure you press Save at the top of the “Console Interation” space.

Navigate to a lead or contact page where you already have call activities, or create a new call activity by making a test call.  Open up the Task page, and look to find your “Call Duration” field

You should now see a Call Duration field on your Task page!  The Call Duration will be populated by seconds.

You can use these steps to add any available fields onto to the Task page.  To check what fields you have available, navigate to YourName-> Setup-> Customize -> Activities-> Task Field. You can add any of these fields into your Task page.  If there are additional fields you need on your Task page, check out how to create Customized Fields in

Have a good Monday everyone!


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