Salesforce Call Center Tips: Manage your screen pops

If you’re using our InGenius Connector for Salesforce, you are familiar with “screen pops” – the automatic navigation to the lead or contact who is calling in.  This can be really helpful, but you may not always want incoming calls to pop to a different Salesforce screen –  or – you might just want the pop to open in a new window or tab.  This post will show you where to make changes to your Salesforce screen pop settings.

As usual, when you want to make changes to the Salesforce call center, you must log in as the Salesforce Administrator, or have your Salesforce Administrator make these changes for you.

Navigate to Setup-> Customize -> Call Center. 

Usually, we go into the Call Centers tab shown above.  This time we’ll click on the Softphone Layout option

Select Softphone Layouts, and then click through the “Introducing Salesforce CRM Call Centers” splash page if it appears.

On the SoftPhone Layouts page, click on Edit next to the Standard SoftPhone Layout option, or whichever Softphone Layout is selected as “Default”.

Scroll to the bottom of the page below the heading “CTI 2.0 or Higher Settings.”   This is where you can make changes to the screen pop settings.  Click on Edit next to any of the settings to see your options, and test out some different configurations to see which works best for you!


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