From the support desk: Adding licenses and profiles

Maybe your trial license has expired, maybe you are adding a softphone profile, or maybe you’ve decided to add a new CRM integration.  Whatever the case, we get lots of questions about what do when when you’ve got a licensing issue.  This post will help you out.

To add a new license:

Once you’ve received your license from InGenius Software by purchasing through our store, requesting a free trial, or writing in, you just plug it into the following spot:

It is a good idea to restart the application at this point.  If you’ve entered in a license for a CRM plugin, once you restart InGenius Connector, you’ll need to configure or log onto the CRM.

If you’ve entered a license key for a new phone profile, you’ll need to create a new profile.

To create a new profile:

Navigate to Settings->Add/Edit Phones in the InGenius Connector toolbar, then click the icon with the yellow sun.

This will bring up a New Profile box where you need to name your location profile and select your phone model from the drop down menu:

Fill in the information on the configuration page.  You may need contact your network administrator for some of these details:

Once you press Test a log box will open.  This log box gives you a message to let you know whether you are successfully connected, or if you need to double check some of your information:

When you see a “Successfully Connected” message, you’re all set!


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