InGenius Connector TAPI plugin

O-Zone Tech created this great video on using our InGenius Connector TAPI plugin across a variety of CRM packages:

Thanks O-Zone Tech!

You’ll notice that O-Zone Tech is using the TAPI plugin with Aastra Connector.  There is similar functionality across all of our supported phone profiles.

The TAPI plugin is one of our most popular products because it can work with any TAPI enabled CRM.  TAPI means Telephony Application Programming Interface.  It lets you connect your phone (or softphone) and computer to talk to other phones.  Neato!  If you aren’t sure whether your CRM has TAPI, you can check with us or with your CRM‘s support group.

Features of our InGenius Connector TAPI plugin include click-to-dial from inside your CRM, screen pops on incoming calls that have a matching record, and call logging.  These features vary somewhat depending on the CRM you’re using, so get in touch to test it out with a free trial!


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2 responses to “InGenius Connector TAPI plugin”

  1. Tony Martino says :

    I love the thought of having a click to dial facility for our CRM.

    This truly bears further investigation…thanks for this great info guys!

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