Customize Call Wrap-Up Codes in the InGenius Connector for Salesforce Call Center

This is a quick and easy customization to make to your call center.   Customized wrap up codes can save time for you and your staff, and will result in better reports from your call center data.

To customize the call wrap-up codes in your InGenius Connector for Salesforce call center, you’ll have to be a Administrator – or have Administrative privileges on the call center.

Navigate to Your Name -> Setup -> Call Center -> Call Centers -> Continue (if it appears):

Once you arrive at the “All Call Centers” page, click on Edit next to “InGenius Call Center Adapter.”

You’ve arrived!  This is where you’ll make changes to the standard wrap up codes.  You can add up to 20 customized wrap up codes based on what your users seem to entering most frequently into the notes section.  These codes will appear as the “Call Result” field in the call center report, making it easy to identify trends in your call center data.

Hope that’s helpful for you!  Are there other call center customizations you’d like to see?


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