Creating workflow rules in Salesforce

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

A client recently asked about how to automate task creation based on the result of a call in the call center. This is what we recommended.  In order to make these changes and set up a workflow task, you’ll have to be a Salesforce Administrator on your company’s account.

First, navigate to the Setup under your name in the top right hand corner of Salesforce, and then to Create -> Workflows and Approvals -> Workflow Rules under App Setup on the left. If a splash page appears, just scroll down and click continue. You should wind up here:

Now you’ll create a new rule – this rule is the task creation trigger.

Not all of the objects will give you the option to select “Call Result,” so choose accordingly! Click next to move on to the next page:

In the example above, the call result “Need to follow up” will follow a rule called “Reconnect,” that we’ve just created. Hit Save and Next to move on to the task creation.

In the page above, you will define what action is going to be taken. In this case, I’ve chosen to create a new task. This will take me to the next screen, which lets me define the task.

Here I can select who the task will be assigned the task, when the task becomes due, and other task descriptions.

You can also indicate whether the workflow rule is triggered immediately, or if there are time dependent workflow rules. You can add different actions to the same workflow rule too – this can really ensure that nothing gets missed!

The last step is to head back to the Workflow Rules page and Activate your rule:

So that’s how you make workflow rules and automatic tasks based on the Call Center call result in  We’re still experimenting with the best setup here to keep our developers, support, sales and marketing teams connected. If there are specific tasks or workflow rules that work well for your company, let us know.

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