Salesforce Call Centers

This post is going to give you some information about the Salesforce call center: what does it do and why might your business want it?

First and foremost though, what is a call center?   The Salesforce call center is basically a softphone within Salesforce.  It typically appears in the upper left hand side of the Salesforce window, like this:

“No big deal,” you might say, “Softphones are old news, I already have Skype and Google Talk!”.

Ok, but the cool part about integrating a softphone into the Salesforce Call Center is all of the options for information tracking and capturing.

For example, you can quickly see what records are associated with a call.  Incoming calls will pop a screen that shows the caller ID, call history, and opportunities linked to the caller:

Phone numbers in Salesforce will become clickable so that you can click-to-call rather than manually dialing.  Whew, because that was getting pretty physically strenuous:

Salesforce keeps track of calls made, along with any of the information entered by salespeople.  So you can start tracking the number of calls you make or your team makes, the call duration, and call result, without manually creating new records:

That’s all pretty great for sales teams who are trying to share information and records with each other.  Each team member can immediately see the activity history, including calls, for all leads, opportunities and contacts.  If a team member is off sick or otherwise busy, her team mates can make sure nothing is missed.

“I’m sold! Now, how do I set up a call center in Salesforce? “

You need a CTI adapter.  A CTI is a Computer-Telephony Integration.  It the piece of the puzzle that allows Salesforce to interact with incoming and outgoing calls.  Not all CTIs have all the features mentioned above, and some CTI adapters have other features like power-dialing.

There are a few CTI adapters out there which can be found on the Salesforce AppExchange.  You’ll have to do some research to figure out what works for your phone system and offers the features you’re interested in.  This can be daunting if you aren’t familiar with telephony, but it doesn’t need to be.

To get started, check out this post on Basic Telephony Terms, and have a look at the phone systems you are using.  Then spend a bit of time on the Salesforce AppExchange looking at the CTI Adapters.  At InGenius, we’re very proud of all our positive reviews and we are always happy to answer questions about our products or your system.

Check back soon for more information on softphones vs. hardphones, business telephone systems, customizing Salesforce reports, and more!


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