Get ready for a new Tweex.TV!

InGenius’ first iPad major application is getting ready for its second release this week! We’ve had a lot of fun with the updates – deciding about colours and UI elements, and a lot of soul-searching about which features make it into the build, or wait for the next build. In the end, we’ve decided to just to builds more frequently, instead of cramming everything into fewer, larger releases.

That said, our release this week will include:

  • A brand spanking new colour scheme,
  • Tweet Filtering! Our app can now filter out those obnoxious “Me Too” tweets, and even adapts dynamically to the amount of twitter traffic to filter more agressively if there are a lot of tweets flowing by. Among other things, we skip repeated retweets, short tweets, and any that contain any of our blacklisted words.
  • View trending topics by region – you can now select a specific region to see trending topics. It’s kinda cool to see what topics are trending all over the world. Our app makes it easy to check this out!
  • We’ve cleaned up the ads – moved them from embedded in the tweet stream to a dedicated ad location at the bottom of the screen (you can easily upgrade to get rid of ’em eh)
  • And lots more! (behind the scenes UI improvements, better refreshing, better show selection, etc)

Keep an eye out for the new Tweex this week at the Apple App Store!

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