Tweex.TV’s first Release!

You’ll want to head over to Tweex.TV to have a look at the new InGenius Twitter client!

So, what makes Tweex different?

  • Tweex is a Twitter client designed for people who like to watch TV, and enjoy following along on Twitter at the same time! This phenomenon is becoming more and more prevalent, and we think Tweex makes it really easy to Tweet and view Tweets about your fave shows.
  • Tweex presents you with a list of TV Shows, Events, Conferences etc. Simply choose what you’re watching, and you’ll see the appropriate Tweet stream appear in our app.
  • And, Tweex is smart – it monitors which hash-tags and usernames are relevant for the show you’re watching, and will provide them for you as suggested tags! Cool!
  • Tweex makes it easy to Tweet about shows too. It presents you with your current #hashtags when you’re tweeting, and inserting them into the text of your tweet is as simple as clicking on a button!

If you’re an iPad owner, check us out over on the Apple Store!

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