Off to the WILD West…well IT Expo West!

We are super excited to be at IT Expo West this week not just because it’s in LA and we run the chance of brushing shoulders with a few movie starts, but also because we’ve got some really cool integrations between CRM and VoIP that are going to be a hit with business owners and VoIP providers alike., SugarCRM, MS CRM, and TAPI are just some of the integrations we’re starting with to help seamlessly integrate VoIP and business processes like CRM systems. Using InGenius Connector as the call control application users can make calls directly from their CRM application. Users increase productivity, managers enhance call tracking capabilities, and VoIP providers increase the value of their product offering while differentiating from the competition. All in all, InGenius Connector and CRM plug-ins can help both CRM users and VoIP providers enhance their sales services and provide greater value to their customers. Stop by booth #115 at IT Expo tomorrow to say hello and see the applications in action.

We’ve already run into one celebrity on our way here; the Travelocity gnome!


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