One Sweet Suite! Mitel Releases Live Content Suite for 5360 IP Phones

It has been a few months since we first mentioned Mitel’s Live Content Suite application, and we are thrilled that the product has finally been released for Mitel 5360 IP phones.

Developed by the InGenius Telephony Software team, this application is truly innovative and forward thinking in the way it embraces personalization and leverages live content.

Live Content Suite has three main parts:

  • Live Desktop Portal, a web-based phone programming portal
  • Live Blogger, an application for using standard blog tools to deliver custom content to phones
  • Live Applications, applications such as LiveTwitter Reader, Live Weather, and Live Flickr that deliver dynamic content to phones

This is just one of the many “Unified Communications 2.0” applications to come out InGenius and users can expect to see more in the very near future!

Live Content Suite is expected to become available for other Mitel display phone models (5320, 5330, and 5340) in the coming months.

Check out to learn more!


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5 responses to “One Sweet Suite! Mitel Releases Live Content Suite for 5360 IP Phones”

  1. Ricardo says :

    Hi Rich, One question, I want test this application but we are not using LDAP are another way to authenticate users?

    • Sarah says :

      Hi Ricardo, great question. If you could email me, Sarah Ormon (Product Marketing Specialist for InGenius) I would love to help you out. You can reach me at

  2. Rental Management Software says :

    Really very nice application! I’ve used it and appreciate it very much. This IP Phone contains many features that are very interesting also.

  3. Joe says :

    How do you install this? What is required on the system?

    • Rich says :

      It’s designed for Mitel MCP phone systems. You need a Windows Server configured to host a web site, and you should have active directory – the app makes excellent use of it. It’s free, so pretty easy to try out!

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