Blog Blazers – How to blog, and what to expect if you do!

Our friend Stephane Grenier has just finished writing a new book “BLOG Blazers” in which he interviews 40 well known bloggers – asking an interesting series of questions of each blogger.

My favorite question: What was your most successful blog post ever? – It’s very interesting to read everyone’s responses to this question, and to remember reading some of those posts in the past.

Stephane has managed to interview some really huge names: Seth Godin, Manolo Blahnik, Jeff Atwood (Coding Horror), DanLyons (Fake Steve Jobs), and Alex Papadimoulis (Daily WTF) – Stephane even manages to interview himself!!!

You can buy the book directly from Stephane, or you can find it on Amazon… 


Congratulations Stephane! It’s a great book.


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