Things my iPhone does to piss me off…


iPhone 3G

Doesn’t work as a phone – I received a call from my wife last weekend. Pulled the iPhone out of my pocket, and stared at the completely BLACK screen of my ringing phone. I tried pressing every button, dragging across where the “answer the call” slider is, but NOTHING worked. Then, she called again a minute later – and the same thing happened. Rats.

Apps that don’t work – I LOVE the idea of the AirMe application. This is a terrific app that lets you take photos, then automatically geotags them, weather tags them, then uploads them to Flickr – all with one click!!! WOW! Too bad it only works for one or two photos in a row, then crashes. Lots of apps crash – and I understand completely the issues that face the developers – we’re facing them ourselves.

TERRIBLE battery life – I’ve been a Blackberry user since the first year they were available. My FIRST blackberry would last for over 2 weeks on a charge. Then they added phone capability and colour, and it lasted about a day and a half. BUT, the iPhone does not even last one day! After charging all night, it’s dead by supper time. I have to charge it at work, or during supper if I’m planning to head out at night. Sucks.

NO coverage at my cottage – yes, not the iPhone’s fault – TOTALLY Roger’s fault. But is sucks that my Bell Blackberry gets 4 bars of signal strength, whereas my iPhone gets NO SIGNAL, except if I go outside, and hold the phone in one special location, angled JUST SO. PLEASE improve your coverage Rogers…

And, I love this thing. Go figure.


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One response to “Things my iPhone does to piss me off…”

  1. Stephane Grenier says :

    Hi Rich,

    I’ve only got the iTouch, but same story. A couple other things I really hate are the daily reboots. With the version 1 software I rebooted maybe once a month, now it’s virtually everyday.

    Another thing I really hate now is the long synch ups. For some reason it randomly decides to do backups which can easily take more than an hour. Very frustrating if you want to add a quick podcast with a quick synch up like in version 1.

    There’s also the weird UI lag. Suddenly everything gets locked up, but the UI events are still being queued. Then when the thing comes back to life, bam, all your UI interactions happen at once. This is especially troubling if the state of the UI changes by one of the queued up UI events.

    And lastly, another thing I really don’t like, the speed of iTunes on a Windows box. On my Mac it’s reasonable, but on the Windows box it basically spikes up the cpu to 100%, even just to download podcasts. What’s up with that! How can downloading take 100% of the cpu?

    Oh yeah, one other thing, the constant crashing is taking a lot of fun out of some games. For example, if you get a complete system crash and need to restore (it’s happen about 4-5 times for me now since it came out about a month ago), then you lose all your recent high scores. Of if you play games like Texas Hold’em, well you lose your bankroll and your stats. I’m sure the same is true for scrabble, but I haven’t tried it yet. I’m somewhat afraid to by your suggestion on how good the latest version is on your other post, I’ve already sunk enough time playing with the system!

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