My iPhone apps today

One of the groundbreaking differences between the iPhone and all other cellular phones is the App Store. You can bet that RIM, Nokia, et al are hard at work on a similar system.

Here’s the app’s I’ve got loaded today:

  1. Flashlight – Turns out to be fairly useful when lost in the dark.
  2. Bloomberg – more detailed stock info than the built-in app.
  3. Monkeyball – Fun, but the motion sensing is not well done. These guys should talk to the Labyrinth guys to see how to do motion sensing properly.
  4. Shazam – This is just cool.
  5. Weatherbug – OK app. Better weather forcasts than the built-in weather app.
  6. WordPress – cool – but it would be pretty difficult to type a REAL blog entry here.
  7. WritingPad – Interesting to see people inventing new input paradigms. This one is so so.
  8. Remote – Cool, but it would be great if it worked with FrontRow on my TV’s Mac Mini.
  9. Jott – Jott is a very cool service, and this app is well done.
  10. AirMe – I LOVE what this app SHOULD do, if ONLY it did it reliably. I’m hoping they release a new version soon.
  11. Labyrinth – THE COOLEST APP. This is what I show people when they wonder what the fuss is about.
  12. TouchCalc – OK.
  13. SpeakEasy – Nice audio recorder but doesn’t upload yet – which is functionality I’d love.
  14. Tuner – Nice to have a radio in your phone.
  15. AccuFuel – Bit of a pain to enter the fuel info, and a pain to configure. Km’s vs Miles vs liters per km, etc.
  16. ezimba – Interesting. The basic need I had was to crop photos, and I couldn’t find it after quite a bit of searching. I know it MUST be there…
  17. eReader – I had an account already so this was a no-brainer. I WISH I could override the motion sensor so I could read while lying in bed…
  18. VNC – Cool just because you can.
  19. Enigmo – Nicely done app. Another showcase app.
  20. Holdem – I’m not into poker enough to appreciate this app.
  21. Dice Bag – This app sucks. I was hoping for a nice simulation of dice rolling. All it does is display a number in the corner of the screen. TRY HARDER GUYS.
  22. Crash Cart – Cool. My kids love this app – but the motions sensing is not as nice as I’d like to see.
  23. OneTap – Very nice movie finder. Lots of nice features.
  24. Remember The Milk – Not strictly an iPhone app, but SO WELL DONE that I’m including it. Nice.
  25. Scrabble – I play this more than anything. The first version sucked HUGELY and crashed EVERY TIME you used it. The recent update is much improved. Also, they’ve improved the load time – but it’s still spending WAY TOO LONG showing me logos and startup screens.
  26. Audio Rec. Guitar Toolkit – Nice app.
  27. WeightTrack – Nice enough – but my phone isn’t near my scale.
  28. NetShare – I’m AMAZED this is allowed, and that this works. I downloaded it immediately, before it’s deleted from the App Store. Hopefully Rogers can’t detect that I’m using this (of course, I never do.)
  29. Exposure – Nice app – I wish I could upload from the phone to Flickr using this.
  30. Sketches – It would be nice to be able to have larger drawing surfaces. Nicely done.

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One response to “My iPhone apps today”

  1. John says :

    You should try Todo by Appigo, it’s an App Store app that does sync with RTM

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