Hurry up and wait at the iPhone App Store!!!

We’ve been hard at work on some iPhone applications – and we’re ready to get them online – but like many other developers we’re stuck waiting in Apple’s queue’s.

First there’s the long wait to simply be accepted as iPhone developers. We signed up on the first day – but still haven’t been accepted as full-on developers.

THEN there’s the wait to get your app approved by Apple. Apparently the process is pretty sketchy at this point. Applications are being turned down for no reason, or for very ambiguous reasons. And, once your app is approved and up on the site, it can take weeks for updates to your app to be made public.

The beta process is pretty difficult too. We’re allowed to trial an application on up to 5 devices – so every application has a pretty small beta group. Sort of explains why the apps are so buggy.

The final thing we’re struggling with is a pretty restricting API. While we agree the apps have to be sandboxed to protect the functionality of the phone, it’s pretty restricting. We wanted to create a power management application – a REALLY easy way to put the phone in low power mode – and switch back to high power mode when you want to do some surfing, for instance. Unfortunately the power API’s are not available to us – and some early hacks by third party developers don’t work with the 2.0 API.

And, so we wait…

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a pretty hot iPhone application development shop – we’re READY!!! We’ve got quite a bit of experience, and are looking for some more cool work in this area.


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