Are you a Solver? Idea Person? Want a $100,000?

Check out – this site matches “idea people” (solvers) with “seekers” who have a problem they need solved.

Most of the solutions pay between $5000 to $50,000 – some much higher.

For some reason, this meme keeps coming up lately – I guess with the Netflix Challenge coverage in Wired…

Nice to see that some of the challenges are designed to benefit 3rd world countries such as lighting ideas, and mosquito control using solar energy.

I’m a bit afraid of this one though: A stretch activated aroma... Invent something that gives off a pleasant odor when an elastomer is stretched…



One response to “Are you a Solver? Idea Person? Want a $100,000?”

  1. Liz Moise says :

    Thanks for a great post! You might also find the new Clean Tech and Renewable Energy Pavilion on our site interesting – we’ve posted the latest Challenges that have to do with renewable energy sources, and other important initiatives in the Green space.

    Liz Moise
    Marketing Manager

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