Leopard has bricked my MacBook Pro! “Blue screen of death???”

My Leopard disk arrived at noon today. And, was in my Mac by 12:01pm. I started the install running, then went off for lunch, leaving the Mac to update it self.

Upon my return from lunch, I see the Mac just finishing its upgrade, then starting a reboot, and it reboots to a pleasant blue screen, with a mouse cursor.

Mac Blue Screen of Death!

Well, I sat and stared at that screen for over an hour, with absolutely NO activity from the hard disk, thinking that the Mac was tidying up some tasks or other.

Then I gave it another hour.

Then I powered it down, and rebooted – to the same blue screen.

And there it sits, my beautiful Mac, with a blue screen, and a mouse cursor.

Turns out I’m not alone. This is happening a lot!

Update: I followed some of the instructions on the site – re-installing a number of times, till I finally did a reinstall with the Archive and Install option. And, a shiny new OS, with no lost data. It took from 1pm to 11pm that night to get my mac updated.

And, the new OS??? Generally, everything is exactly like it was before. I don’t find myself using any of the new features – except for spaces, which I use rarely. The stacks are cute, but not too useful. Seems like some apps like Firefox crash  more often… So, all in all, not as impressive an upgrade as I’d been hoping for. I sold all my Apple stock that day.

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