Intelligent Directory for Mitel 5330 and 5340 phones released!

We’re pretty excited around here! Our Intelligent Directory product is now available through Mitel. I’ve talked about Intelligent Directory before (check out the details here) – ID is an application that runs on your Mitel 5330 or 5340 phone, and provides a simple on-screen searchable directory of all your corporate contacts (from your corporate Active Directory), as well as your personal Outlook contacts.

Intelligent Directory Detail

The application has been in trials since May – it’s solid and really useful.

We have had to work very hard to make the application as responsive as possible when running on a Mitel phone. The CPU in the phone is nowhere near as fast as a desktop PC’s CPU – so you have to apply a ton of optimizations and special techniques to ring every bit of performance out of the device as possible.

In fact, we’ve made performance improvements throughout our beta cycles, improving performance by 5 times. We’ve also streamlined the User Interface, and added features as requests came in from our beta trial customers.

Some examples:

  • The application used to run in “Corporate Contacts” mode or in “Outlook Contacts” mode. We found a way to largely get rid of this modality, and allow you to choose where your search will take place right when you are entering the characters you want to search for.
  • We introduced the concept of “Favorites” and made it easy to add any Outlook or Corporate contact to your favorites list.
  • Doing queries of your Outlook contacts through the exchange server was quite slow – something people complained about. So, we have changed the product to cache any Outlook contacts you save as “Favorites” so that they pop up very quickly.
  • We added the ability to refine a search – if you enter a few characters of someone’s name, and get back too many results, you can easily refine your current search to narrow down your choices.
  • We added AJAX style interactions on the phone pages, so as you click between pages, only the data on the pages change – none of the graphics or underlying code on the page have to reload.

The application has ended up being very usable and friendly.

Intelligent Directory is available here – download the application, the user guide and installation guide.

If you want to purchase the application, the Mitel part numbers are:

  • Intelligent Directory 30 Pack:  51011224
  • Intelligent Directory Presence Option 30 Pack:  51011225 (This upgrade to the basic product provides LCS presence indications on the phone beside each directory entry that is shown)

Have fun!


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6 responses to “Intelligent Directory for Mitel 5330 and 5340 phones released!”

  1. Ken Daviau says :

    Interesting. Does the HTML toolkit for the Mitel 5330 and 5340 support the ability to point to external pages on the web?

  2. Rich says :

    Hi Ken!
    Yes, you can point the browser at any web site, but the browser’s capabilities are limited and most web sites won’t render well. We use many special techniques to ensure that web pages are properly formatted for the phone, and will render quickly on the phone. It’s an interesting challenge to develop for embedded devices, but fun!

  3. Kenny says :

    Hi, is there any way to bulk change the settings on the 5330 to turn on the screensaver?

  4. Jamie Jones says :

    I just talked with Mitel Support and unfortunately, to turn on the screensaver and set it’s time has to be done on each individual set.

  5. David Paterson says :

    Any thoughts about making this available on the MAC. I would love to use this with my 5330, and integrate with Addressbook.

  6. Eugene says :

    where do I get technical support documentation other than the installation guide? looking for troubleshooting assistance particularly regarding invalid certificate errors in the ID log file. I assume if this is not working, presence will also not work.

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