BC – 2, Blackberry – 0 , and some surf!

This is NOT me surfing.

(NOT me surfing)

Just back from Vacation in BC – excellent waves in Tofino for boogie boarding and lots of other great fun.

And, half-way through vacation, my new Blackberry busted. Nice failure mode – the backlight died – you could see the text on screen, if you squinted and held it to the light just so… Then, I cleverly figured out to reboot it, to see if that would magically fix the hardware (software nerds believe ANYTHING can be fixed by a reboot) – and when it started, it runs through some sort of self-test, determines that the backlight is dead, then refuses to boot!!! Rats.

The funny thing is that exactly a year ago, in Victoria, BC, I dropped my Blackberry into Victoria harbour (no, not on purpose).

So, this whole “Vacation in BC” thing is costing my a Blackberry a year.

And, you know, the only thing I missed was the phone – not the email or appointments. It was nice to be totally electro-dark for a while…

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