23.4375 terabytes in a box (Sun Fire X4500)

A box arrived from Sun the other day. We slid back the cover, and were amazed to see 48 – 500 Gig drives all nicely sitting in their little hot-swap bays. The Sun Fire X4500 box is pretty cool – 4 rack-units high, with dual core AMD CPU’s, 4 gigabit Ethernet ports, lots of slots, and LOTS OF DISK STORAGE. All for $1.5 per gig.

Apparently, this box is pretty popular with the porn sites.

Me, I’m thinking I could upload about 6.3 million MP3’s, or quite a lot of videos…

Or, I guess we could hold out for the 48 terabyte version…

Sun Fire X4500


3 responses to “23.4375 terabytes in a box (Sun Fire X4500)”

  1. Guy Cameron says :

    Hey Rich, I see you have expanded quite a bit. Well done. How’s your wife, and Andrew?

  2. Jobe says :

    Uh, hey Rich, what are you going to do with that much storage?

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