Excellent Blog – and a great guy!

I’ve been an entrepreneur since high school when I was a partner in a mobile DJ company with Mitch over at Sensory Metrics. And, in the business I’m in (software development, engineering and consulting) I run into a ton of people every day.

But every now and then, you run into someone pretty impressive – who shares my ideas and ideals in software engineering and development – and who’s also doing some pretty cool entrepreneurial stuff. Stephane over at FollowSteph.com is one of those guys. He’s built a decent business selling his property management software – an app that is being used by everyone from people who own one property – to cities – to manage tons of sites.

Steph and I had a nice talk recently – covering JoelOnSoftware.com, development environments and procedures, daily builds, Story-based development, Subversion, and on and on. Where I’m normally the mentor in such things, I kept having to run over to my PC to make notes about some of the cool technologies Steph was recommending (NSIS, CruiseControl). I even found that one of the reviews of a Help Desk package (HelpSpot) I’ve been considering was written by Steph!

Steph also understands the power of blogging, and has built a respectable following for his blog – following along on his entrepreneurial journey.

Check him out!


One response to “Excellent Blog – and a great guy!”

  1. Ian Landsman says :

    Steph is a great guy, we’ve been collaborating online for a few years now. His blog is in my must read list. That review he did of my product (HelpSpot) has been a great reference for me. I love customers who blog, it’s really hard to get that type of insight any other way.

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