Review: Handy Backup


Handy Backup is one of those apps that you install, set up quickly and easily, and then just forget about. The application runs quietly and reliably in the background, doing the backup tasks you have assigned it.

You set the app up by choosing a backup source and destination. The source can be any drive or directory tree, and the destination can be another drive, network share, FTP, ZIP file, CD. You can set up any number of backups, and when you want them to occur.

Then, they just happen.

We’re using this software at work to backup our NAS to a hot backup disk, and to a large USB drive we swap out every day or two.

I’m using it at home to backup my main PC’s contents to a large USB drive.

I’ve tried lots of other backup software – I’ve even owned a data backup and restore company!, but this software is the easiest and most reliable I’ve ever used.

The one problem: It doesn’t work on macs…

Highly recommended.


One response to “Review: Handy Backup”

  1. novosoft handy backup says :

    There is a newer version of Handy Backup providing much more functionality. The reviewed app was up-to-date over 4 years ago.

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