Heading off to Mitel Forum 2007

We’re heading off to Las Vegas Sunday for Mitel’s Forum 2007 show. Last I checked it was only 105 degrees in the shade…

We’re hoping that it will be a pretty exciting show for us. We’ll be demonstrating the following:

  • Integrated Office Navigator
  • Integrated Office Companion (Just became generally available Friday June 22!!!!!)
  • Intelligent Directory (Coming out next month)
  • Our New Online Hospitality Application Creator (See below)
  • Our Emergency Broadcast Application

Find all this, and download it to play with at www.ingeniussoftware.com/mitel.

Our stuff will be highlighted in a ton of booths at Mitel Forum – though we’re not personally in any booth, we’ll be wandering around and available to talk. Look for our red InGenius shirts.

I’m giving a couple of presentations (Tuesday June 26 4:00pm and 4:20pm) on developing HTML applications for Mitel’s phones, and on Integrated Office Companion and Intelligent Directory. It totally sucks that I only have 20 minutes per presentation I’ve got an hour’s worth of slides…

If you’re interested, here’s the slide decks: Forum 2007 HTML Toolkit Presentation, Mitel Forum 2007 IOC and ID Presentation.

We’ll be demonstrating our Emergency Broadcast Application as well. This HTML application allows a centrally based administrator to trigger an emergency broadcast to every 53xx phone in a building or a whole site. The phones display an emergency message, with an escape route map or other graphic, and the phones play back an audio message at full volume. You can choose from a bunch of pre-defined broadcasts, or create one on the fly. This is a really terrific application for getting the message out in an emergency – whether or not people have PC’s or are near a PC. Simply put a bunch of Mitel 53xx phones throughout the buildings or campus. This product is in development now.

Another terrific application we’re demoing is an online hospitality application development tool. This is just SO COOL, you have to see it. We’ll be putting a demo online pretty soon. This application allows dealers to go online to our web site and create a complete Hospitality HTML Application for a hotel. Basically, you answer a series of questions online, fill in the appropriate extensions, choose the options you want, and it spits out a file ready to be uploaded to a Mitel 3300 Switch. You can demo the application on line – show it to the customer, test it, tune it, then deploy it when you’re done. It comes with tons of ready-made content like a welcome page, green statement, restaurant templates, airline speed-dials, LIVE weather forecasts, etc. YOU WILL BE BLOWN AWAY by this application, and the dealer’s customers will love it. Very cool.

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phone screenIf you want to meet up in Las Vegas, get in touch with us at “rich at ingeniuspeople dot com”


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