Intelligent Directory in trials now!

Our latest application, Intelligent Directory, is in customer trials now – and should be released to the public in June!

Intelligent Directory

To quote the marketing material:

The Mitel 5300 Intelligent Directory application provides a simple, intuitive on-screen searchable directory of both corporate and personal contacts right on your phone display. The 5300 Intelligent Directory application is available on Mitel 5330/5340 sets.

The 5300 Intelligent Directory Application and Presence Upgrade automatically pull information from three different sources:

  • Microsoft Active Directory Server for corporate phone numbers
  • Microsoft Exchange Server Contacts for personal contact phone numbers
  • Microsoft Live Communication Server for presence information in the case of Presence Upgrade.

The 5300 Intelligent Directory application lists names and phone numbers, and allows users to search on the phone for names and numbers, using the very familiar keypad search that users are accustomed to on their cellphones and handheld devices.

Key features:

  • Extremely intuitive and easy to use – phone numbers are where you need them, on your phone.
  • Instant phone number updates. When a new person is added to the centralized Microsoft Active, their phone numbers are automatically available to all 5300 Intelligent Directory users.
  • Less administration, less expense, more accuracy. No more need to separately maintain corporate phone books for internal use.
  • Up to 5 phone numbers can be displayed per person (corporate, cell, home, etc.).
  • One-touch dialing – numbers selected are instantly dialed.
  • Automatically displays a dynamic list of recent calls on default home screen.
  • Add your favorite numbers to your home screen.
  • Uses Microsoft dialing rules to automatically insert dialing prefixes when numbers are dialed.
  • Supports Hot-Desking. 5300 Intelligent Directory requires users to enter their password to access personal contacts in Microsoft Exchange.

With Presence Upgrade, LCS Presence status is displayed beside the contact name, indicating whether he or she is available. With just a glance at the phone, users can determine whether and when to make that important call.

Intelligent Directory with Presence

The application is structured as a .Net application that runs on Microsoft’s IIS Web Server, and uses a web service to connect to Active Directory, Exchange, and LCS. The architecture is shown below:

Intelligent Directory Architecture

The application will be available soon – check HERE for updates.

And, if you just can’t wait, try it out on our HTML application demo page HERE!


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