Panic’s new app – Coda – simply beautiful!

Panic has released an unbelievably beautiful application called Coda. This app is a terrific one stop shop for web development. The app includes:

  • A web site manager based on their “Transmit” ftp engine,
  • A great HTML editor,
  • A preview pane – very nicely done,
  • A CSS editor,
  • A terminal window,
  • A built-in online reference to HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP.

This is one of those apps that brings a smile to your face as you use it. Beautiful touches abound – from nice animations, to a very nice preview of each of the web sites that you manage, to shared editing based on the subetha engine, a really nice CSS editor, to the best website builder. Even their web site is beautiful!

This is an app that makes it worth switching to a Mac.

Panic Coda Screenshot


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