Atmel announces $69 Linux-based 32-bit Network Processor kit

One of the first press releases out of the Embedded Systems Conference is a cool new board from Atmel that includes:

  • an AT32AP7000 CPU,
  • 2 RJ-45 Ethernet jacks,
  • drivers, protocol stack, communications apps all included,
  • USB 2.0 mini-B terminal,
  • SD memory card slot,
  • RS232 port.

The card ships with Linux 2.6.18 including a ton of drivers and applications which make use of the USB, SD (like an FTP -> SD app) and an on-board web server.

The processor includes 16-bit stereo DAC’s for audio, and a 2048×2048 pixel LCD controller.

A header is provided on the board to access all the extra functions available from the CPU.

The board ships with a complete Linux development environment, though you are recommended to purchase the JTAGICE mkII on-chip debug adapter.

Very cool for $69!

Check it out at:

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