Live from Embedded Systems Conference – San Jose

Spent the morning settling in and registering at the ESC. The conference looks like it’ll be pretty good this year – the exhibit hall is quite huge – I can’t wait to get in on Tuesday for a full tour.

ESC Header

I sat in on a couple of the courses today:

The Introduction to Real-Time Operating Systems talk by David Kalinsky was horrifyingly S L O W. David would talk on one slide for 20 or 30 minutes, slogging through some very simple concepts, giving warnings about features of some RTOS’s, but then not naming the culprits, and over and over again referencing things that will be in “future” slides rather than what he’s talking about right now.

The audience is a mix of noobs and experienced developers – so I can see how it’s difficult for David to keep everyone interested.

Conversely, John Edwards DSP Demystified talk was terrific! He’s a VERY interesting speaker, captivating on what could be a really dry topic. He knows to skip the details, and instead concentrate on the stuff engineers need to simply get things done. Really worth attending.

Happy customer at the DSP demystified presentation.

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