Blackberry all Fruity! DST Failure affects Blackberry ability to SEND MAIL.

So, we still can’t send emails from our Blackberries. We tried for two days to fix this ourselves, and finally called RIM. Remember that this was a RIM Blackberry Enterprise Server installation that has been functioning flawlessly since it’s original (and harrowing) install.

RIM Blackberry

Monday, after waiting for TWO HOURS, a support technician answered, and we were redirected to a knowledge-base article, then pretty much hung up upon.

And that didn’t fix anything.

Tuesday evening we called back, waited on hold for hours, then had a pleasant 2 hour call with a RIM tech support guy in Singapore, who went over our entire Blackberry Enterprise Server installation with us, then decided that the problem was actually a Microsoft failure, and directed us to a Microsoft knowledge-base article.

And that didn’t fix anything.

But, we’re a bit further. Apparently anyone with a Blackberry, who ALSO has admin priviledges can no longer SEND mail from their Blackberries.

What I can’t understand is that we’re having this huge issue, a local hospital is having this issue, but I don’t see it being reported anywhere in the blogosphere!



Update: WE’RE BACK!!!! Our blackberries can send mail again! We updated to the latest service pack (the brand-new SP2) on our servers, then updated some DLL’s (CDO files), re-ran the DST patch, ran the set-send-as script as mentioned in Matt Roberts’ comment. Note, we had run this script before, but it hadn’t worked. It all sounds pretty simple in retrospect, but it was quite the pain while in progress…


4 responses to “Blackberry all Fruity! DST Failure affects Blackberry ability to SEND MAIL.”

  1. kristin says :

    i’m lucky i guess. tmobile sent out a patch a while ago. people who are on BES should have admins who check up on things like that more often! the notices about updating have been all over the net since january.

  2. mattroberts says :


    Have a look at this article:

    If it doesn’t work the first time use (from at the end of the script) instead of:

    “dsacls “cn=adminsdholder,cn=system,dc=mydomain,dc=com” /G “\BlackBerrySA:CA;Send As””


    “dsacls “cn=adminsdholder,cn=system,dc=DOMAIN,dc=com” /G”DOMAIN\BlackberryAccount:CA;Send As”

    put your Domain ahead of the BES Account. i’ve been told this should be hitting a knowledge article soon.

    if this works you owe me a beer.

    good luck!

  3. mattroberts says :

    did this get worked out for you guys?

  4. KnightShade says :

    Also note that you cannot simply “run the script” and everything will magically work.

    The permission changes need to propogate down to Exchange and the Exchange information store mailboxes first in order for this to work. Propogation can usually take up to 24 hours.

    Only way to speed up the process is either change the default replication time on Exchange or restart the information store process. After you restart the information store on Exchange, mail should work. If AD replication does not strip the Send As rights after an hour or so, you should be in business.


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