DST Upgrade – not quite smooth

So, it wasn’t quite post-apocolyptic as failures go, but we’ve certainly had a rash of issues that may or may not be related to the DST change this weekend.

  • We can’t send mail from our Blackberries. This is apparently a known issue with the Blackberry Enterprise Server, and we have tried dozens of “fixes” all weekend. Still can’t send mail.
  • A hospital just down the road is having the same issue with its Blackberries. Nobody can send mail! What the heck does THIS have to do with a tiny DST fix? What is RIM doing about this?
  • A ton of my appointments in Outlook are off by an hour. It appears that any appointments created by someone else are off by an hour. Ones I’ve created myself are OK.
  • The time in our Terrastation is off – it’s an hour ahead of what it should be! Like, it skipped ahead by TWO hours in celebration of DST. So, this is screwing up our builds.
  • A hard disk in our Terrastation has died. Luckily, it’s limping along OK in a failure mode till we swap in a new disk.
  • My ReplayTV box has died between Saturday and Sunday. It just displays “Please Wait” on screen. This REALLY sucks since this is an old ReplayTV that includes the “automatically skip commercials” option that can’t be purchased any more. And, it’s the ONLY reliable PVR in our house since the Rogers Scientific Atlanta 8300HD sucks so much.
  • Any shows that were scheduled to record on the Rogers Scientfic Atlanta 8300 HD on Sunday did not record properly – but, shows scheduled for later in the week are OK somehow.
  • We are not a large company, but our IT guy was working on upgrading our workstations, and pushing upgrades out to our Blackberries for the week prior to this weekend. So that’s a cost to us as well.

So, we’ve had a number of issues – and we’re a small shop. Multiply this by millions of companies around the world and the true cost of this DST thing become apparent – it’s billions of dollars!

And, what do you wanna bet that on the day that the DST *usually* changes, there will be a ton more issues as PC’s that weren’t upgraded decide to update to “DST.”

Fun times!

Update: We run a bunch of stuff on vitual servers, mostily for testing. We noticed that  our virtual servers had actually jumped forward by TWO hours over the weekend. Looks like the DST change occured once on the host machine, then once again on each of the virtual servers! Locked us all out of LCS on those machines! SO, beware if you are using virtual servers!!!

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