More from Voicecon Spring 2007

Today started early, with a VIP preview at the Mitel booth. CEO Don Smith gave a short talk, then we started doing demos of our new technology – and literally haven’t stopped all day!  This is a long show –  it closes at 7pm each day and started at 10:30am for us this morning.

Here’s today’s pictures on Flickr.

I did a bit more digging on SIP enabled appliances today – Tom Hoover at Valcom who was quite involved in the engineering of their SIP based paging server. It’s a nice system where you can attach entrance-way speaker boxes with a call button. The button press initiates a SIP session – allowing the user to talk to a person, or a VM system, and the system can send a command back to energize a relay contact in the box for door lock control. Their system also allows full SIP based paging, with message storage, and the ability to handle live, recorded or scheduled messages, and up to 65,000 speakers (!!!). Nicely done.

Sun is showing a cool thin client PC BUILT INTO THE BASE OF A PHONE! Talk about saving space. The system even allows for call center users to log in and out by simply shoving a card into a slot on the front of the unit,  like a waitress at some automated restaurants. Very cool.

WAY TOO MANY people are walking around with Bluetooth headsets. They will soon realize how silly they look.

And, there’s a courtyard outside near the show which I’ve dubbed Cellphone Alley – at any time of day there are 10-20 people walking around doing the “phone walk” where you talk, and wander about, shuffling your feet or kicking at some pebbles. Pretty funny.

Check the pictures for some Alligator shots. For those who don’t believe the hotel has live alligators in the atrium. The alligators and the turtles live happily together on a rock, waiting for their pm feeding.

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