Orlando bound – Unveiling some new apps at VoiceCon.

I’m heading down to Orlando tomorrow for the VoiceCon tradeshow – I’ll be in the Mitel booth unveiling a bunch of terrific new software we’re releasing this month. Here’s the deets:

  • Integrated Office Navigator and Integrated Office Companion – these two desktop applications work hand in hand with the Mitel Navigator phone and the new Mitel 5330 and 5340 phones. They are fantastic desktop applications that behave exactly the way PC based phone apps should – they are as near to invisible as you want them to be, utterly friendly, fast, and provide a ton of really useful features. At the minimum, the apps are simply a tray icon – or you can expand it out to be a desk-band application running in the task bar. The apps tie into Microsoft Exchange, Outlook and  Active Directory, to pull up your contacts with a couple of keystrokes of their name or company. They also tie into LCS or MSN Messenger for presence. If you want to call someone, type a couple of characters of their name, up it pops, click enter, and you’re dialing them! The apps have tons more features – pausing music when you’re on the phone, popping up contacts or MSN Desktop search on incoming calls, dialing highlighted numbers in *any* application, and on and on. VERY VERY cool applications.
  • We’re also showcasing our new Intelligent Directory application, which runs ON THE 5330 or 5340 PHONE ITSELF! This amazing application allows you to access your Outlook contacts or your corporate Active Directory straight from the phone, with an extremely simple UI, full searching, customized speed dial list, automatic “most recently called” lists, etc. It’s a really fun application.
  • We’re also demonstrating some financial applications in conjunction with the Mitel Turret phone, and some really cool Educational (K-12) applications for the 5330 and 5340 phones, built on the Mitel HTML Toolkit application platform. The EDU app includes tons of features like  managing attendance, dialing students and their parents, and some really cool broadcast announcement applications and duress capability.

We’re at the show from Monday to Wednesday, and we’d be very happy to demonstrate our stuff if you happen to drop by the booth!

Check back for more highlights from the show.

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