MacBook Pro Wakeup Photos

After reading about a guy who programmed his Mac to take a photo and email it to himself every time his Mac came out of sleep, I decided this was a pretty cool hack, and set about doing it myself. I found a command line app called camcapture which takes a photo  using the built-in camera,  then I wrote a simple automator script to take the photo and email it out to my gmail account. The last piece of the puzzle was getting the automator script to run on startup. Turns out this is pretty easy as well – solved by a simple google search. Looking back over the photos, the overwhelming impression is how mad I appear in most of the photos! I guess it’s because I’m kinda pissed, waiting for the mac to start up, and for the wireless to come on line. There are a few images taken on planes, images on vacation, at our cottage, etc. It’s funny to see how bad the colour is in most of the images – and yet how good it is in some.  Here’s the first 200 images!


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