Moinmoin is cool

At InGenius, our development processes and systems utterly depend on wiki’s. When a new project is started, the first thing we do is set up a wiki, then a build process, some shared dirs, etc. But the wiki is prime.

Up to now, we’ve been using an old standby, OpenWiki, which was one of the first ASP based wikis. OpenWiki has not really been in development for some time, and is beginning to show it’s age. We’ve tried a few other wikis (jotspot, pbwiki, flexWiki, etc) over the past few years, looking for a good replacement, but we keep going back to good old reliable OpenWiki, despite it’s failings.

We recently had a look at MoinMoin (German for a friendly hello), and it doesn’t look too bad. It’s Python based (which meshes nicely with our build environment and tools), and runs fine on IIS as well as Apache. A nice feature is that it supports a much better editor, file uploads, and doesn’t depend on a database. It’s easy to create multiple wikis, it has built-in security, and lots of nice macros like we’ve become used to with OpenWiki. We’re hoping that we can evolve our corporate recruiting engine to use a wiki based mechanism for recording interview notes, resumes, etc. as well as using it in our software development.

We haven’t switched yet, but we’re thinking about it!

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