Who are you?

A startup in Vancouver Sxip, is a partner in a new offering with Microsoft, and Verisign to roll out OpenID, which is first being tried at LiveJournal. If this scheme gets adopted, it may mean a whole new world of information sharing between your trusted web sites and a whole new world of convenience and features.

Digital Identity is important in the online world. It’s important for validating logons, ensuring that you are you for online purchases, banking, eBay, etc. If a trusted online identity can be established, and shared between web sites appropriately and securely, a complete, cross-site shared identity profile can be created – so you can bring your eBay or Amazon “credibility” with you to new sites.

Microsoft built Passport years ago – which took off – ONLY for Microsoft. Nobody else really adopted the Microsoft scheme.

Dick Hardt, the CEO of Sxip gave a fantastic presentation on Sxip a few years ago – the film is required viewing for anyone interested in the Lessig presentation style…

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