The $10,000 Sink

We moved into our new office space (in the Mitel building at 350 Legget Drive in Ottawa) recently. We’d had the space completely made over for us – new walls, some nice wood flooring, cool carpet dots, etc.

Not Our Sink

However, we held back on the installation of a sink in our office since the estimates for the installation came back at about $10,000. Why? It turns out the installers would have to run hundreds of feet of copper pipe, down from our office, to the basement, and along the ceiling to suitable sources of water and drainage. AND they’d have to install a hot water heater specially for our unit.

We tried living without a sink for a couple of months – but boy did we miss it. Sure, we can get water in the nearby bathrooms or shared sink area, but what a pain to keep our kitchen area clean! And, really, what’s a kitchen without a sink!

SO, we finally bit the bullet, bought the sink, and even saved some $ since the installer found a shorter path to the drain!

Life is good and happy here at InGenius now, with our water, and our magic coffee machine – but that’s another story.

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