Mitel signs HUGE deal with Rogers

Mitel has announced a deal with Rogers here in Canada that will have Mitel supplying its 3600 series centrally hosted IP telephony solution to the SMB market in Canada. The deal is part of a converged solution whereby Rogers will provide IP Voice, data, and Internet connectivity in addition to their cellular offerings. The service will be priced per-user rather than the amount of use.

The solution will appeal to small business that are looking to upgrade their existing key systems, and want an easy-to-manage solution for their office. Mitel’s solution allows the user to configure the IP Telephony system through a simple web interface in which they can configure options such as voicemail, and ring groups.

The deal is huge for Mitel – it launches them into the carrier market rather than their traditional business, hospitality and EDU space. On the Rogers side, the deal gives their sales people a whole new segment of business to go after rather than simply trying to sell cellular phones into business – they can now offer a full suite of business services.

Kinda makes me wish we hadn’t just switched our company Blackberry’s over to Bell…

Full Disclosure: InGenius provides telephony expertise to Mitel.

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