DemoCamp 3 in Ottawa

Stopped by the Ottawa Demo camp tonight at the Clocktower Pub. Based on tonight’s turnout, I think they’re gonna have to move these to a bigger venue! The place was crowded – standing room only!

  • Thintropy demoed a thin client that’s basically VNC on steroids – imagine playing a full screen video with audio on your home computer, and being able to view it at work or on your mobile. Cool – though they mentioned the need for some pretty huge bandwidth for the video. They are totally commited to open-source – and were pretty hard on MS. I think they’re missing their main market – doing a real fast VNC – you could even edit video remotely! Instead they’re focusing on hosted apps. Hmm.
  • Bruce Tsuji of Carleton University demoed a cool text to speech app.
  • Crowd favorites Iotum was there with their new Blackberry client & service. This client represents a new direction for Iotum – less dependency on the telcos adopting their solution – Iotum can manage the whole thing themselves, and release the app virally. The quick demo looks impressive.
  • Peter Childs and Ian Graham demoed a cool shared calendar application that they’re commercializing just now. Nice to be able to share specific calendar events selectively across calendars in the system. Good for larger companies, cities, hospitals, etc.
  • StraTerra demoed some software for capturing the analysis of core samples. It’s the first part of a product suite which will include the analysis of the core samples and help determine where to drill. The UI was a bit old-fashioned, but matched the existing paper forms people use now. Nice that their app converts hours of work to a few minutes effort.
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