Another BarCamp

Just got back from BarCamp Ottawa 2. Sat in on a few presentations:

  • Mike Milinkovich: Eclipse Foundation – Mike is a great speaker, and always presents the Open Source case well. We’re not doing enough with Open source at InGenius – and every time I hear Mike talk I am reminded of this. We’ve used the Eclipse IDE on a few projects here, but we should just dive in and use it more. I’m talking with Sunir now about opensourcing some of our test bench stuff – I’ll let you know when that happens!
  • Eric Pretlac: Integrating Skype and Asterisk – Pika is doing some really cool stuff, snuggling up to Asterisk and Skype to create some cool mashup products. I would have liked a few more technical details – in the BarCamp tradition I should have called him out on that – I’ll do better next time. Learned something cool though: embedding:

    <a href=”skype:PIKATechnologies?call”>
    in a web page will automatically make a Skype call if the user has Skype installed on their PC.

  • Mitch Brisebois: Great Technology, Terrible Products – Mitch and I are friends from way back – we started our first business when we were 12 or so, and were entrepreneurs through high school and university. Mitch is a great entertaining speaker, and a lot of fun. His session was about some great Nortel products that failed – often because they misread the market, didn’t listen to the market, or just couldn’t find an appropriate use for the technology. In Mitch’s defence, if you don’t screw up
    once in a while, you’re not trying hard enough.
  • Francis Moran: Francis’s Five Favourite Fictions – Francis is a fun speaker – with a lot of stories that I’d like to hear one day over a beer. Francis basically built the case for why companies need firms like his to communicate with customers in today’s market.
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