Get Everyone Together In A Room!

We’re working on a project these days that is pretty multi-national – one of those 24 hour a day projects with people working world-wide.

In our case:

  • Ottawa,
  • Chicago,
  • Dallas,
  • Israel,
  • India,
  • Hong Kong,
  • China

This has some interesting ramifications – especially if you are trying to arrange conference calls. Also, language plays a big part – we have to try and make bug reports and feature descriptions simple and clear – which is not a bad thing in any case!

It’s cool to be able to send off a build at the end of the day – and come back in the morning to a bunch of emails in response. Like magic, people have been working with the build all night long! Cool.

But, we’ve decided that we just have to get together to resolve some issues that are just a bit to hairy to solve by phone or email – so we’re all meeting in Israel next week. Sometimes you just have to be together in a room to hash out a design, to integrate, or to find those last elusive bugs.

Should be a pretty intense 3 days of work (4 days of travel for 3 days of work…)

Then, I’m here for one night before heading off to Vancouver Island for the next weekend. I think my head will be spinning – 12 hour time zone change!

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