Schizophrenic, or Smart?

If you have a look through our web site, you’ll notice that InGenius is “two things” – a Software Engineering firm, and a Professional Services (or Consulting) firm. Does that make sense?

Turns out to be a really good thing for us to do. We’re all about smart people. We’ve been in the business of finding smart people since 1993, and we now have about 15,000 people in our database. Whether we’re designing a cool new phone and associated PC application for one of our clients, or whether we’re putting a team of people together for a government organization to build a new online application, what we’re always doing is: understanding exactly what our clients want to get done, and putting together the right people to GET it done, creatively, well, and fast. Good developers, good UI people, good support people, . . . our folks are what we’re all about. We know how to find and assess good folks, because we’ve been in the software development business for ages. We’ve run software product companies ourselves (that’ll be another blog entry), and we know what we need to do to produce high quality commercial software that’s deployable, supportable, useable and maintainable.

And of course, the amount of fun we have seems to be directly proportional to the smartness of our people – turns out smart and funny overlap after all!

So InGenius continues to develop products and systems in-house for customers who want to accelerate their own product development, and we continue to find good people to do contract work with the government and high-tech sectors. We’ve been doing it since 1986, through market upturns and downturns, and I’m glad to say upturns again – business is growing for us in both software engineering and consulting. For us, it’s all about people, and having both lines of business has been a smart thing to do.

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