Get wiki with it!

Here at InGenius, we’re wiki people. We’ve adopted Ward’s Wiki technology, and use it throughout our company.

  • When you submit a resume to our company, it automatically ends up in an internal wiki.
  • When we start a new project, we start a wiki on day one.
  • We track ideas, project plans, business plans, etc on various wiki’s.
  • We do product FAQ’s using a wiki.
  • And, my personal home page is run using a wiki.

So, what’s a wiki???
Basically, it’s a web page that you can edit simply by clicking on an “Edit” link, or sometimes, by double-clicking on the web page. The page text opens up in a big text box on screen, and you edit by simply typing the text you want to put on the page. There’s a simple wiki language – which varies from one wiki implementation to the next, which allows you to specify links, text formatting, build tables, etc. Here’s a nice description, from wikipedia. Anyone can edit any page! (you can lock pages if you want) You can edit your web site from anywhere!

Check it out! Here’s some cool wiki’s:

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