Stop Bugging Me!

We installed our new bug tracking system last week, and are thrilled to pieces! We ended up getting FogBugz – which has pretty good reviews and a nice feature set. (And is created by Joel of Joel on Software fame…)

One of the things I liked about it is that it doesn't force you to obey a bunch of rules when entering bugs. The FogBugz people, like myself, feel that it is better to get the bug into the system, than to have dozens of little fields that have to be filled out before the bug is accepted. We're using it for tracking features and new product development as well as bugs in existing systems. It's a LOT nicer than ClearQuest!

Other cool stuff – you can submit bugs by email, it has a built-in discussion board, anonymous users can submit bugs, it creates release notes automatically, and it is very easy to use.

The install went really well – it created the SQL server tables that it needed, added itself to IIS, and created it's background service all without intervention or trouble. I wish all server installs were this easy!

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