And Wireless for All

Here’s my idea: Every company should provide unlimited wireless access to everyone who visits.

It’s a real pain to visit a company with a secure LAN – when you need Internet access for a presentation you are giving, or trying to have a meeting. Short-sighted network admins just can’t imagine providing unlimited wireless to every visitor. I’m a massively online sort of fellow – I make extensive use of email and online wiki’s to manage lists, priorities, and content. I’m completely hamstrung when visiting one of these “80’s” companies and I’m about 1/2 as productive as I could be. I mean, at the very least, give me a wire!

Corollory: Companies should provide wireless access to their immediate community.

I mean, what the heck. Toss a cheap wireless router outside the firewall, and allow the immediate neighbourhood access! It’s cheap and easy, and friendly. We’ve done this at InGenius – though with the thick walls in our building, access is pretty limited. But, it’s pretty convenient for visitors, and for us, when we want to access the ‘net while out on the patio.

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